Former photographer and video director for OVH Group.

  • Photography: Product / Event / Commercial / Portrait
  • Video: Event / Interview / Presentation

Freelance photographer based in Japan.

  • Photography: Iconic travel shots in Tokyo / Portrait / Event / Documentary



Published in various magazines, newspapers and websites:


Le Point / Les Échos / L’Usine Nouvelle / 01Business / / BFM TV / LE FIGARO / Ouest-France / Sud-Ouest / RevuNL / Vice / DirectMatin / AngersMag / Palais de Tokyo / Festival Côte d’Opale / LM Magazine / Tourcoing Jazz Festival / StreetiPhotographyiMagazine / Advanced Creation Magazine / Shogakukan




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1980 Born in the southwest of France,
2004 Master Degree economy, business, management and communication.
2005 Event producer at Havas, copywriter at MPG-France in Paris.
2006 Burger delivery in Angers.
2007 illustrator and webmaster for the literary review TsimTsoum and Impur.
2008 Technical support team at
2010 Photographer at MediABC.
2012 High-level training for producing interviews and documentary at ENS Louis Lumière in Paris.
Until 2015 May Video Director for
Now Freelance activity in Tokyo, Photographer, Photography workshop instructor (urban, street-photography) at











June 2016 :
Featured Street-photographer of the week in the Street Photography Magazine

July 2016 :
Interviewed for the ADVANCED CREATION Magazine (France)
Winner of special prize for Hiragana Magazine Photo contest

November 2016 :
Featured analog photographer in « This week on Lomography » (Nov 7 to 13)

May 2017 :
Featured in « Weekly Selection of Inspiring Community Talent »

September 2017 :
Winner of Bronze Prize for 28th Japan Photo Contest

January 2018 :
Featured on EyeEm Official










・ photographer and video production for five years

I did packshots, portraits, events, commercials, architecture and IT photography, the video work was corporate, interviews, product presentation and events.

Shooting for OVH Website banner.

Stéphane BDC shooting for OVH website banner.

Publications : website, Advertisement, French and international magazines, such as « Les Échos », « Le Point », etc.

Example of pictures for billboard :

technical support team in 2013

technical support team in 2013


Billboard in situation in France

Billboard in situation in France (2013)


Video direction for



Some examples in 2013:
Creation Gravelines 1 :
Creation Gravelines 2 :
North American Datacenter : the eyes on a server :       
Summit 2013, Microsoft, Marc Gardette :
Summit 2013, Intel, Stéphane Negre :
Summit 2013, Cisco, Regis Debray :
Summit 2013, VmWare, Hervé Basso :      
Solution E-commerce OVH :

in 2014:

Les Microsoft Tech-Days 2014 :
OVH WorldTour première date à Lille :
L’OVH Summit 2014 :
Reinventing the hosting business :
OVH en 2014 :
OVH datacenter security america :
Rencontre avec Camille Maussang :
Rencontre avec Laetitia Dupont :
Rencontre avec Keblow, webagence :
Cloud Power utilise le dedicated cloud :
Rencontre avec Sicap, mobile device management :
Applications mobiles avec AppsPanel :
Partitio utilise le dedicated cloud :
Le cloud au service d’une solution GED en Saas :
Lineup Systems et le dedicated cloud :
Le Dedicated Cloud et Clic Data :
Frank&Oak et les serveurs Big HG :
So You Start et le numéro 1 du Karaoke en ligne :
Dedicated Cloud et GIGIGO (ES) :
Réseaux Sociaux d’entreprise avec le Dedicated Cloud :
Agence Interactive choisi les serveurs dédiés :
Rencontre avec :
Vidéo surveillance par internet avec le Dédicated Cloud :
La puissance des serveurs dédiés pour une webagence à Marseille :
Avec le VPS Acseo accélère son développement :
Connit, startup toulousaine spécialisée dans l’Internet of Things (IoT), a choisi Dedicated Cloud :
SlipSoftware (ES) et les serveurs dédiés :
Itika et le Dedicated Cloud :
Hébergements Web Performance :
Gammes de serveurs dédiés :
Hubic :
Les VPS 2014 :





Photography instructor at Eyexplore Tokyo


I lead photography workshops in Tokyo (Street Photography, Night and Urban) at EYExplore Tokyo.

Here’s some « customers shots » I did :

bdc_3708-1500  bdc_0980-1500  bdc_4844-1500  bdc_8125-1500  BDC_3940-1500

Reviews from TripAdvisor website :

capture-decran-2016-07-26-a-09-36-31 capture-decran-2016-07-26-a-09-38-10 capture-decran-2016-07-26-a-09-38-57 capture-decran-2016-07-26-a-09-39-16 capture-decran-2016-07-31-a-12-42-33 capture-decran-2016-08-24-a-17-07-05 capture-decran-2016-08-27-a-09-45-39 capture-decran-2016-09-28-a-17-00-14 capture-decran-2016-09-28-a-17-01-06 capture-decran-2016-09-28-a-17-01-41

capture-decran-2016-11-15-a-11-14-59 capture-decran-2016-11-15-a-11-12-31 capture-decran-2016-11-06-a-22-54-35 capture-decran-2016-11-06-a-22-47-58 capture-decran-2016-11-02-a-19-24-06 capture-decran-2016-11-02-a-19-20-53 capture-decran-2016-11-02-a-19-18-08



Other references,

photography for music bands, (CD covers, magazines, advertisement) for writers (events, newspaper, magazines), and obviously for friends who have various kind of activities and needs.






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Techniques and hardware:

Digital cameras :

Nikon D80 / D90 / D700 / D800 / D810 / N1 V1 / N1 V2

Canon 5DMkII / III / Canon Ixus 115HS / 256HS

Panasonic LX15

Sony Z5 / Sony Z7

GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition


Olympus SH2

Film Photography :

Yashica Electro 35 GSN/GTN

Nikon EM / Nikon F3 Titanium

Mamiya C220 120mm

Canon AE-1

Sprocket Procket


Ikon Zeiss Voigtlander Icarex 35

Diana F+ (120mm and Instant Back)


Canon Prima

Benesse and lots of plastic toy cameras

Polaroïd (636 close-up, Land camera 1000/2000/3000)

Instant Instax Fuji

And more…

Lenses :

Nikon 20mm / 24mm / 35mm / 50mm / 85mm / 70-200mm

Sigma 18-50mm / 24-70mm

Samyang 14mm / 85mm

M42 lots…

Canon 35mm / 50mm / 70-270mm / 200mm

Lots of lens accessories

Tripods, Dolly, filter, spun, gelatines, etc.