2010 to 2015 photographer and video director for OVH Group.

  • Photography: Product / Event / Commercial / Portrait
  • Video: Event / Interview / Presentation

Now Freelance photographer based in Japan.

  • Photography: Portrait / Event / Documentary / Iconic travel shots in Tokyo




Published in various magazines, newspapers and websites:

BBC News / Le Point / Les Échos / L’Usine Nouvelle / 01Business / / BFM TV / LE FIGARO / Ouest-France / Sud-Ouest / RevuNL / Vice / DirectMatin / AngersMag / Palais de Tokyo / Festival Côte d’Opale / LM Magazine / Tourcoing Jazz Festival / StreetiPhotographyiMagazine / Advanced Creation Magazine / Shogakukan

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1980 Born in the southwest of France,
2004 Master Degree economy, business, management and communication.
2005 Event producer at Havas, copywriter at MPG-France in Paris.
2006 Burger delivery in Angers.
2007 illustrator and webmaster for the literary review TsimTsoum and Impur.
2008 Technical support team at
2010 Photographer at MediABC.
2012 High-level training for producing interviews and documentary at ENS Louis Lumière in Paris.
Until 2015 May Video Director for
Now Freelance activity in Tokyo, Photographer, Photography workshop instructor (urban, street-photography) at



June 2016 :
Featured Street-photographer of the week in the Street Photography Magazine

July 2016 :
Interviewed for the ADVANCED CREATION Magazine (France)
Winner of special prize for Hiragana Magazine Photo contest

November 2016 :
Featured analog photographer in “This week on Lomography” (Nov 7 to 13)

May 2017 :
Featured in “Weekly Selection of Inspiring Community Talent”

September 2017 :
Winner of Bronze Prize for 28th Japan Photo Contest

January 2018 :
Featured on EyeEm Official


・ photographer and video production for five years

I did packshots, portraits, events, commercials, architecture and IT photography, the video work was corporate, interviews, product presentation and events, I’ve shot most part of the pictures you can see there:

Shooting for OVH Website banner.
Stéphane BDC shooting for OVH website banner.

Publications : website, Advertisement, French and international magazines, such as “Les Échos”, “Le Point”, etc.

Example of pictures for billboard :

technical support team in 2013
technical support team in 2013
Billboard in situation in France
Billboard in situation in France (2013)



Video direction for








Interview / Events / Product presentation / Corporate








Some examples in 2013:
Creation Gravelines 1 :
Creation Gravelines 2 :
North American Datacenter : the eyes on a server :       
Summit 2013, Microsoft, Marc Gardette :
Summit 2013, Intel, Stéphane Negre :
Summit 2013, Cisco, Regis Debray :
Summit 2013, VmWare, Hervé Basso :      
Solution E-commerce OVH :

in 2014:

Les Microsoft Tech-Days 2014 :
OVH WorldTour première date à Lille :
L’OVH Summit 2014 :
Reinventing the hosting business :
OVH en 2014 :
OVH datacenter security america :
Rencontre avec Camille Maussang :
Rencontre avec Laetitia Dupont :
Rencontre avec Keblow, webagence :
Cloud Power utilise le dedicated cloud :
Rencontre avec Sicap, mobile device management :
Applications mobiles avec AppsPanel :
Partitio utilise le dedicated cloud :
Le cloud au service d’une solution GED en Saas :
Lineup Systems et le dedicated cloud :
Le Dedicated Cloud et Clic Data :
Frank&Oak et les serveurs Big HG :
So You Start et le numéro 1 du Karaoke en ligne :
Dedicated Cloud et GIGIGO (ES) :
Réseaux Sociaux d’entreprise avec le Dedicated Cloud :
Agence Interactive choisi les serveurs dédiés :
Rencontre avec :
Vidéo surveillance par internet avec le Dédicated Cloud :
La puissance des serveurs dédiés pour une webagence à Marseille :
Avec le VPS Acseo accélère son développement :
Connit, startup toulousaine spécialisée dans l’Internet of Things (IoT), a choisi Dedicated Cloud :
SlipSoftware (ES) et les serveurs dédiés :
Itika et le Dedicated Cloud :
Hébergements Web Performance :
Gammes de serveurs dédiés :
Hubic :
Les VPS 2014 :



Photography instructor at Eyexplore Tokyo

I lead photography workshops in Tokyo (Street Photography, Night and Urban) at EYExplore Tokyo.

Here’s some “customers shots” I did :

bdc_3708-1500  bdc_0980-1500  bdc_4844-1500  bdc_8125-1500  BDC_3940-1500

Reviews from TripAdvisor website :

capture-decran-2016-07-26-a-09-36-31 capture-decran-2016-07-26-a-09-38-10 capture-decran-2016-07-26-a-09-38-57 capture-decran-2016-07-26-a-09-39-16 capture-decran-2016-07-31-a-12-42-33 capture-decran-2016-08-24-a-17-07-05 capture-decran-2016-08-27-a-09-45-39 capture-decran-2016-09-28-a-17-00-14 capture-decran-2016-09-28-a-17-01-06 capture-decran-2016-09-28-a-17-01-41

capture-decran-2016-11-15-a-11-14-59 capture-decran-2016-11-15-a-11-12-31 capture-decran-2016-11-06-a-22-54-35 capture-decran-2016-11-06-a-22-47-58 capture-decran-2016-11-02-a-19-24-06 capture-decran-2016-11-02-a-19-20-53 capture-decran-2016-11-02-a-19-18-08





Other references,

photography for music bands, (CD covers, magazines, advertisement) for writers (events, newspaper, magazines), and obviously for friends who have various kind of activities and needs.



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Techniques and hardware:

Digital cameras :

Nikon D80 / D90 / D700 / D800 / D810 / N1 V1 / N1 V2

Canon 5DMkII / III / Canon Ixus 115HS / 256HS

Panasonic LX15

Sony Z5 / Sony Z7

GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition


Olympus SH2

Film Photography :

Yashica Electro 35 GSN/GTN

Nikon EM / Nikon F3 Titanium

Mamiya C220 120mm

Canon AE-1

Sprocket Procket


Ikon Zeiss Voigtlander Icarex 35

Diana F+ (120mm and Instant Back)


Canon Prima

Benesse and lots of plastic toy cameras

Polaroïd (636 close-up, Land camera 1000/2000/3000)

Instant Instax Fuji

And more…

Lenses :

Nikon 20mm / 24mm / 35mm / 50mm / 85mm / 70-200mm

Sigma 18-50mm / 24-70mm

Samyang 14mm / 85mm

M42 lots…

Canon 35mm / 50mm / 70-270mm / 200mm

Lots of lens accessories

Tripods, Dolly, filter, spun, gelatines, etc.